The Dome

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Ever since I was a kid Iíve dreamt of an observatory of my own, I think thatís every astronomers dream.
Not having to carry around your telescope.
You probably already know that having to drag your scope out and in every night is most likely to kill your interest.
But I did not want this to happen so I begun study different types of observatories and believe me there are as many different types as there are amateur astronomers.
There are some really interesting homepages devoted to building observatories that Iíd like to share with you
Take a look at my links page to find out more.
By mere chance or shall I say that faith brought me to the construction drawings by Joe Garlitz and in a blink of an eye the future was set, this was it !
The plans were for a geodesic dome observatory, for those not familiar with this itís like a football cut in half.
But, there is always if. Itís a construct it yourself project.
Okay, Iím a prototype maker and model builder and usually I construct various things, but was I really up for a challenge of this magnitude?
My father used to say \"if you never try you will never know but if youíre to chicken out youíd better never try\"
So with this in my mind I plunged into the unknown knowing only that I had to make it.
And Iím glad I did and never hesitated, sure there were some problems and some difficulties.
To bad my father isnít around to see it, I think he would have been proud (of me not chicken out) and of the observatory that I made.
On the following pages I will describe in detail how I did it, witch material I used and what I could have done better.
All for those of you who wants to build one.

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